• Announcing Mextures App for iPhone! Coming Soon!


    I've been working hard the past few months getting something ready for you all and I'm excited to announce it. :) The next release of mextures will be released as an iPhone app!  The Mextures App is a completely unique way of applying Mextures on your phone.  This type of editing process is a creative way to really think outside the box and create a style that's unique to you.  We've packed this app full of editing techniques that have never been done.  It's INCREDIBLY quick, fun, and simple to edit, or you can lose yourself in an experimental euphoria applying layer after layer of textures till your hearts content.  Check out the video over on!  We're hoping to release this little gem soon to you all.  Thanks so much for your support thus far!



  • 39,000 #Mextures....


    I'm blown away yet again. In 1 month, #mextures recieved over 13,000 tags. That's averaging around 430 tags a day! Incredible. Absolutely incredible. In the next few days, I'll be doing a giveaway that you do not want to miss...and to get you even more excited, I've just launched the New Mextures Pack 3!

    This FREE pack contains 8 brand new textures for you to use on your mobile photography edits.  Filled with light leaks, dirty grains, and more analog effects than an 80's synth band.  Head on over and pick it up for free!

    Again, I cannot say thank you enough. Be sure to check out the #mextures hashtag on Instagram, and head over to to see some of the best curated #mextures on Tumblr.


  • Mextures Has Hit 26,000 Tags On Instagram

    In just over 2 months, Mextures has gone from a humble release to a few thousand people to over 80 thousand downloads and 26 thousand tags on Instagram.  I'm pretty excited about what the future entails for Mextures, and excited that you're a part of it.  Stay tuned for some fun things.  In the meantime, you can head over to and see a curated collection of some of the best mextures on tumblr.  There's almost 300 curated photos, with more being added every day.

    Also, I'm in the process of a complete redesign of the store, and am really excited to roll it out.  It'll be a lot easier for mobile users to get around!  Thanks again for sticking around and being a part of everything!